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Department: CEYED

CEYED is an NGO founded in 2001 with the express goal of empowering rural youth who are marginalized for the lack of skills and therefore unemployed.

This state of vulnerability exposes them to inferiority complex, abject poverty and sometimes humiliating adventures that may force them to migrate to urban centres.

From morning till evening, the characteristic feature of most rural communities in Ghana is such that able-bodied young men and women are seen roaming about aimlessly or, at best; engage in odd jobs that are only subsistence in nature.

The young men especially have long sessions playing draughts, cards and drinking local liquor - "akpeteshie". As the devil finds job for the idle hands, crime, early and multiple marriages, abuse of traditional practices and norms take the better part of the youth.

CEYED is an interventional organization that seeks to equip and engage the youth with entrepreneurial skills and resources through training and sourcing for financial support, whiles at the same time addressing the spiritual needs of the target group.

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