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News Title : The Ambassadors - Latest Developments

YAFCA has brought a tremendous impact on the youth through its approach of harnessing their zeal and strength. As the years went by, YAFCA began a new phase in her ministry commitment. At 40, YAFCA resolved to give solid, balanced, unadulterated, Christ-centered practical ministry training to the young people of Ghana and the West African Sub-region to become Spirit- filled Evangelists and Pastors. This aimed at training individuals to be leaders who will cater for the spiritual needs and well being of their generation in Ghana and the whole continent of West Africa. This determination led to the acquisition of a 10-acre plot of land to build an ultra-modern campus. A lot of preparation is being made to put up some structures for YES 2014 on this land. To make this vision a reality, there is the need for your involvement through prayer and financial support.

Another exciting development in YAFCA is the Just For The Youth program. This airs live on Spring FM 102.7 weekly. On Saturdays from 11:00am to 12:00 noon. Rev. Dr. John Owusu-Afriyie together with his team discusses issues applicable to today’s youth. He combines everyday life matters with biblical principles to make it very practical. Although the name of the program suggests that it is ‘Just for the youth’, it is relevant to not only the youth but to all listeners both Christian and non Christian. It is a very interactive program hence; individuals can call during phone-in segments or send texts. Even though it’s not been easy commuting between Accra and Abotakye every Saturday morning for this program, it’s been worthwhile. It’s been meaningful because it has been a source of inspiration to many as well as life transforming. People continue to express their gratitude to Rev. for opening up for God to use him and to the glory of God this program has been running since 2009 and still going strong!

As technology advances, apparently, we must respond to change and appreciate new technologies. To this end, YAFCA has gone online with its broadcast. Praise the Lord! With millions of people connecting globally via internet daily, there is the need to reach out to unsaved loved ones through this means. This medium helps to convey the Good News internationally and to reach thousands if not millions of people at the same time.

The next big thing happening is ‘The Vessels’. It is a Gospel Music Talent Hunt like no other. Notably, most young people have identified their talents but do not have exposure or platform on which they can explore and develop such talents and others do not have mentors who would guide them in unearthing their talents. It is in line with these and many other reasons that the talent hunt has been born to create the opportunity for up and coming young musicians to realize their dreams in music so as to be effective ministers of gospel music. Surely, this is great news for people between the ages of 18 – 28 years. Entries are still open so get involved and tell a friend to tell a friend.

YAFCA Ministry is absolutely committed in reaching the unreached by all means possible through education on air and online as well as meeting up to the challenge of the youth’s peculiar needs relative to evangelism, through the use of contemporary music therefore be a part of this ministry and be a blessing to others.


There are 3 major commemorations for this year 2014. The first is the 45th Anniversary of YAFCA. Since 1969 YAFCA has been getting in touch with the now generation with the Good News of Jesus Christ and this year marks its 45 years of fulfilling the Great Commission. It is no wonder that many look on YAFCA’s achievements with great admiration and having a great passion to see its work grow.

Following closely after YAFCA’s anniversary is the 40th anniversary of YES. From 1974, over 10,000 young people from Ghana, other parts of Africa, Europe, Caribbean Islands, and America have been trained in practical, effective Christian living and service through evangelism and also gospel music ministration. Some of the graduates are now leaders of Christian organizations, while others are fully engaged in Pastoral work in some of the major valued churches across the country and overseas. Others are also gospel music artistes both within the country and beyond. Through the years, many YES graduates have launched out with the Gospel into villages, towns, schools, and colleges. YES is 40 and to God be the Glory.

In 1969 while working with the Scripture Union, Rev. Dr. John Owusu-Afriyie organized the Youth Ambassadors for Christ Association and this year he turns 70! This falls on 11 of October but it would be celebrated during YES 2014. As we celebrate YAFCA and YES, we can’t help but to celebrate the man who spear-headed them!

Glory be to God for how far He has brought us and we wish to express our profound gratitude in the Name of Jesus Christ to all for your diverse support in bringing YAFCA and YES this far. Do join us in these celebrations. GOD bless you real good and keep on reading the Ambassadors Newsletter.

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