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Article: Letting Go

One day Mr. Dog went to a Juju man to help him stop stealing. The juju man directed Mr. Dog to buy a pound of meat, boil it and bring it to him the next day for the juju that will help him stop stealing.

Mr. Dog hurriedly went to the market to buy the pound of meat, as he was told, to the amusement of the butchers for they have not known the Dog to be buying meat. Usually, Mr. Dog will rather dash in and make away with a chunk of meat. It became the talk of town, because, that day of all days, Mr. Dog had gone to buy ,meat.

In the evening, Mr. Dog boiled the meat. At night as Mr. Dog was ready to go to bed, he remembered that in his room there was a mouse who had also been stealing some of the booty he brought home. He decided to make sure that this time the mouse will not get its share of the boiled meat. He decided to keep the meat on his bed and to keep watch over it. The thought came to him that he may fall asleep and give way to the mouse. He then decided to keep the meat in his hands well clamped together.

He dozed for a while and suddenly, realization dawned on him then he admitted "Ah! I nearly gave way to the Mouse, now I will keep the meat in my mouth and go to sleep". With the tongue rolling around the boiled meat, it was not long when Mr. Dog started chewing the meat. He said "AH well, I can't help it"

This is how the devil is helping many to forsake the race which has been set before them. They accept Christ as Lord and Savior but will have a thousand and one reasons why they should not forsake their old ways. With the help of the Devil, the master deceiver, some are able to quote scriptures to support their evil deeds. The youth of today are being carried away under this banner of deception. Others under the deception of "once saved, forever saved," are committing such atrocious acts as fornication, drinking, smoking, and instead of seeking repentance they rather preach and encourage others to be partakers.

The Bible is explicit when it says "If any man is in Christ, he is a new creature. The old things have passed away behold, the new has come". If you have therefore accepted Christ then you are new creature not a to embark on new adventures into sin but a new creature in the image of God. Walk in Christ and do not fulfill the desires of the flesh.

Be bold to take steps to put an end to any sin in your life. It is a decision to do what is right before God. Do not listen to the devil, for the reasons he is giving for your continuous participation in those sinful acts will not stand God's test. Have no excuse for living in sin.

May the Almighty God bless you richly as you decide to break away from your sinful past to start the new life.

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