Jesus Jubilee
Ghana’s Independence anniversary celebration, which day is normally a public holiday.
Campus Outreach
Through the Campus Outreach program, YES came into existence.
Youth Musical Rally
The music is provided by the David Dynamics, of course, with Rev doing the introduction of the various songs.


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The Youth Evangelism School (YES) has been running again

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For the past 50 years, one Christian organization which has consistently but quietly been playing an influential role in the Christian community is the Youth Ambassadors for Christ Association (YAFCA)
The Youth Evangelism School (YES), a daring new concept in Christian training in Ghana. YES began as an annual one-month residential disciple-training program for the youth who want to commit themselves to the worker of evangelism"
As a Christian university, YACOM will give you the high quality, Christ- centered education you need to bring innovative leadership to your field of interest . YACOM provides the foundation you need to succeed in life and at work. YACOM's atmosphere of excellence and mentorship will transform your life.